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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 17, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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on your own today. anything you have to add to where we think this is right now? >> i really don't, brian. but what is clear is the investigation is accelerating pretty rapidly. and that's good news. we have called for patience. the called for patien patience. what we see now is piecing together that vud owe, using the public to help identify someone, combining that with the forensic evidence, the look of the bag, this is what. the investigation is going well, this is exactly what we would expect. it's actually going more rapidly than we could have hoped. >> help us out. in your past job at the white house, you were able to get a masters degree in imagery. if we're looking for a face in a crowd, a lot of us have seen on the web and on television individuals that could have done this. you can with the number of pixels in an average digital
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camera these days, you can do a lot better than just five or ten years ago. >> you really can. not only that, but a lot of the video and photographs that can be collected from different surveillance video and people's cell phones, that can be enhanced. you can get a sharper and sharper picture. that can be used. you can use just looking at it and trying to figure out who it is. you can compare it it to motor vehicle registrations. you can do facial recognition against that. these are all the tools they have to try to help identify the individual once they have someone who looks to have been carrying the bag or dropping off the bag. >> in an average city, here we are talking about a stationary camera. a big landmark in lost on to a block away from where the bombs went off. most businesses have -- and again, it's technology smaller
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than a hockey puck. people see them if they are aware of them. the little dome can often contain three or four camera heads, sometimes l.e.d. lighting at night. >> this is a radical change from five years ago. all of our cities are wired. some are the official cameras for the boston police department. but almost every business and every person. that's why officials came out early on and said preserve it it. otherwise, those businesses might ordinarily lose that after a couple days. so it needs to be preserved, get to the government. it it takes i'm to get through all that. once you know about the location, and once you know the timeframe, officials can get through that rel relatively rapidly. >> quite extraordinary yesterday. people taking the air shuttle and flying from boston logan to let's say new york were stopped. heard an announcement. before you leave here, ask yourself, do you have any evidence? did you take any pictures of the
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marathon? i arrived at the amtrak station yesterday and heard the annou e announcements for outgoing passengers. and it works. most people want to help and triggering something, you know what, i took a picture aftt the finish line but it was an hour earlier, but if it's of any help, here it is. >> it shows first the goodness that everyone is trying to contribute. it highlights that people may not know what they have. it may take some time to know you took a picture a mile away from that 45 minutes before, but suddenly you align that with another picture someone else has, it shows a great response. the response, of course, is to help the people at the scene after the bombing. but then for federal and state officials to get together rapidly and say this is an invaluable way to collect intelligence and get those processes in place and get people handing in that data. >> as we said when we came on the air, we had done so because
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this was clearly accelerating this investigation. as we sit here at 2:06 eastern time, there are various media reports that an arrest has been made. some of them citing boston pd. others citing federal sources. pete williams has taken a break from us to work the phones himself and is now ready to speak to us at our washington bureau. pete, what do you know? >> what we have been told by several sources that there is no arrest. then it begins to break down from there about whether -- let's start at the other end. what do they know? they believe they have video that shows what they were looking for. a person setting down a black nylon bag at the scene of oneover the bombings and walking away. now as we go towards the other end of that, we have two conflicting sources on whether they see that person, they look
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at the face, do they know who it is or not. someone says, yes, they are trying to find them. other sources say, no, they are trying to find out who it is. from the beginning of this, this has been the hallmark of the story. information that is pointing in totally different directions is coming from normally very dependable sources. we can't just flip a coin and pick one. we have to have them line up before we can say for sure what it is. so all we can say for certain is that all of our sources say no arrest. some sources say a person has been identified and they are trying to find them to question them to find out what their story is. others say they don't even know who it is. that's the best i can say. but again, stepping back from it, all this is a positive sign that there's good leads that they are following up on. where this will end, who knows.
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>> just because we live in a modern world and people are looking at computers and devices, the associated press, the nation's wire service and often the first draft of all of this, for their part, is reporting a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation says a suspect has been taken into custody in the boston bombing. so we are just not comfortable based on our sources at this hour reporting that. so pete williams is correct in saying that this is all over the map right now. the one thing that appears to be clear is that either video or still pictures or a combination of both have led law enforcement officials to at least zero in on someone. had this just into us. investigators have obtained vud owe of a person placing a black bag down near the scene of the blast. the footage came from the department store's camera. this is information we have already reported.
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video or stills that will give them imagery and give them at least the first road to go down when going down through the streets of boston and looking for who to pick up. various media accounts right now as to whether or not someone is in custody. someone is fully under arrest. we will leave the air now and we will hop back on the air. we learn anything different or receive any official confirmation. so for now for our team, we'll remain in place. i'm brian williams, nbc news, new york. that breaking news, a new development in the boston marathon bombing. in case you are just joining us right now, a law enforcement official telling associated press an arrest has been made in this case and the suspect will
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soon be brought to court. in the meantime, senior law enforcement officials telling nbc news they have developed some, quote, solid leads and identified, quote, a number of people that they are interested in talking with. >> however, those senior officials say they are not prepared to characterize those individuals aspects or witnesses at this time. it is simply just too soon to tell. they are zeroing in on people. we're expected to get the latest in a news conference three hours from now. good evening, thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. that breaking news coming as we're learning more details on the boston marathon bombing. investigators starting to uncover evidence at the finish line where the explosions happened. searchers found a piece of a circuit board they believe was part of one of those bombs. they also found the lid of a pressure cooker that was apparently catapulted up onto the roof of a nearby building. >> we begin live coverage of terror in boston with terry mcsweeney.
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terry, what's the mood like now that there's word there's a break in this case? >> reporter: word is spreading like wildfire. three responses i got very, very reserved, very, very cautionary responses. one woman says that gives us something to hold onto. receives -- she was at this memorial. two other people said they hope they have the right guy. another said they would want them to arrest nobody instead of having the wrong man in handcuffs. a surprising response considering the emotions here in boston. where i am is about three blocks from where the bombs went off. you can see these people gathering. they are all gathering for this memorial you see right there. take a look at video we have from this morning. we were out here. people coming up. it's very much like a church
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scene in the sense it is reverent. there's no shouting, being boisterous. people bringing candles, flags, cushy red sox balls with messages written on them. signs that say, stay strong, boston. some people we talked to wasn't even sure how to feel. >> it's so tragic, i really don't know what to say. this was my first marathon and i was looking so much to celebrating it. this the first day i put my jacket on and i don't feel right wearing it because it feels weird. sorry. >> i work a block away. lots of memories around there. places we've gone, restaurants, makes you think a lot different. >> something that has also happened here with such a large
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crime scene, much of this area cordoned off. businesses are closed. nobody allowed down into the crime scene area. so there's no point being open. crime scene investigation, you can see the investigation going on. the street where the bombs went off still pretty much look the way it did right after the bomb went off. there is still, i can see, things in the street. you can see the officers walking around. that is where they had the surveillance video and that is where so many people were. three lost their lives, 170 injured, and the evidence down there and they are still certainly thanksgiving scene right now. back to you. >> terry, yesterday we saw law enforcement out in force yesterday really securing that area. how would you compare today's intensity versus yesterday? >> i would say that it has dropped dramatically.
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yesterday it seems so long ago now. yesterday we saw lots of national guard troops, s.w.a.t. team in their gear with their semiautomatic and automatic weapons at the ready. today far, far less of that still some national guard troops and a huge police presence but the security issue seems to have been toned down. even yesterday they said part of the reason they had the incredible police presence, to let everybody know they are on the job. if there's going to be an expanded threat, they want to be ready for it. now they seem to be confident it is not a large scale operation, and they feel perhaps it's safer down here in the area where the bombs went off on monday during the marathon. >> all right. terry mcsweeney, thank you very much for wrapping up a fluid situation there. good job of painting the picture for us. a boy caught in the boston marathon bomb attack. >> aaron hern, 11-year-old from martinez standing by the finish
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line when the bombs went off. he was waiting for his mother to complete the race. the bombs went off and he took the worst of it. kristi smith has an update on his current condition including firsthand details coming from aaron's dad. >> reporter: students at martinez junior high are missing one of their own. frank's daughter shares a class with aaron hern. he tried to comfort her the best he could. >> this is life. things like this happen. there are good things and bad things in life. >> he suffered from shrapnel when the bomb exploded at the both marathon. he was there to cheer his mom on, katherine. his dad alan hern and on the "today" so. >> the bomb went off 15 feet from where i was. aaron and friends were much closer. >> reporter: that was when everything changed. fear, confusion, and then finding their son hurt. >> he was scared and obviously
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in pain. then some people came to help us pretty quickly. i'm not sure who they were. someone brought a tourniquet with a belt to help us. it wasn't bleeding heavily. it didn't look good, like a war wound. they got him to the hospital quickly. >> his father said he's resting comfortable, even opened his eyes. back home support is strong. classmates started a collection for the family. a restaurant held a fundraiser with more to come as parents struggle to explain why anyone would do this to their friend. >> we talk to them. we let them know they are isolated incident. we're not quite sure what's going on yet. once we figure it out, we'll sit down and talk about exactly what happened. >> kristi smith, nbc bay area news. >> as always, we will continue to follow new developments surrounding that development on air and online as we go to to a developing story in our
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nation's capital. that's where the secret service intercepted a letter addressed to president obama that contained a poisonous substance called ricin. that's what a preliminary field-test revealed. the letter is undergoing testing to confirm the result. the letter was intercepted at a facility away from the white house. it comes a day after a letter sent to mississippi republican center roger wicker tested positive for ricin as well. that letter was intercepted at a senate mail facility outside of washington. the fbi says there's no indication of a connection to monday's boston marathon bombing. right now a follow-up on a story we've been covering since yesterday morning. at&t says all cell phone and internet service has been restored to morgan hill and the gilroy area. crews have been working through the night trying to repair a fibre optic cable after somebody cut the line early yesterday morning. investigators say the vandal then fired a rifle at a pse&g substation. that caused a big-time oil leak
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in one of those transformers. a family of nine in san mateo is lucky to be alive after a vehicle fire spreads to their home overnight and leaves behind a charred mess. officials say the flames ignited inside the suv parked outside their home on bermuda drive near highway 101/92 interchange after 3:30 this morning. the father was get ready for work when he heard the car alarm. that's him with his back to us there. once he heard the flames he called 911 and got his wife and seven kids out of the home safely. the fire chief says the results could have been much worse. >> a great ending. it could have been tragic. fortunately he was up going to work and heard his car alarm and was able to get his folks out before it quickly spread to the house. >> six different agencies responded to the fire and contained the flames quickly. the cause is under investigation. as you pointed out this morning they did a great job of knocking that thing down quickly. >> yes. >> we'll be right back after this.
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welcome back for a little business and "tech now!." you know what's cooler than a million hits on youtube, a billion hits on youtube. one guy is close. >> very close. good morning. the fella that runs the internet show called the young turks and it's been on msnbc and current tv as well is very close to a billion. the young turks youtube channel will be the first channel to top a billion hits cumulatively. that is all the videos it's published put together. the number 997 million hits. amazing. the hits keep coming for ebay as well. the company reports its profits this afternoon after the closing bell. ebay has telegraphed several times it is going to have good numbers. this comes on the heels of poor reports from intel and yahoo!. intel selling fewer chips, yahoo! selling less advertising.
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google shows off its numbers tomorrow. back to you. >> scott, thanks so much. guess what, the exploratorium is back in action. the iconic museum reopening a few hours ago at a brand-new location moving over to embarcadero in san francisco. >> nbc bay area bob redell joining us live from the new digs with more, the man in the mirror. >> hey, marla and jon. good morning to you. remember at the old exploratorium was 44 years at the palace of fine arts in the marina district. here it is the first day open to the public, brand-new digs, embarcadero. one of the first things you catch is the view. they have tall windows. right here on the windows, back-up here, can you see we're not too far from the bay bridge. a good view of the water, the bay bridge. there's 600 exhibits in here. some you'll remember. there is a lot of oldies in here. i'm trying to remember.
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lets see, the toilet bowl water fountain. i think a lot of people remember that. that's always kind of hard to dripping out of. they have big parabolic dishes, the old bronze hand. again, these are things you might remember from the old location. there's also 150 exhibits that you've never seen before. over here is a video game. it's team pac-man. you can see these girls playing now. there's a bridge in man made fog, a mix of the old sprinkled with a little bit of the new. >> feels like we made a huge leap into the future with what we've got here, the exhibits and building. it's an awesome thing for families to see. >> i think it is, there's some old, some new and you can explore both of them again. it seems bigger and more spacy. >> definitely bigger, spacy as she was saying, three times as large as the old location,
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330,000 square feet, 600,000 exhibits. exploratorium. >> you were there for the closing and grand opening. >> looks like a good looking joint, have to get out there. we'll be right back with christina's forecast.
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before all that, we have miss christina loren with a look at your forecast. the winds, have they died down? >> they are dying down continuously, marla and jon. i want to start with a live picture to show you the rolling hills in sunol. still getting a little breeze, trees aren't shaking around, cameras holding steady and temperatures are climbing nicely. 67 currently in oakland, 62 in livermore, 64 in san jose. you can see pretty breezy out there but winds will continue to relax. as we head through the day high pressure takes control. this will bring about a
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significant warm-up. we're talking about temperatures climbing into the 80s as we head throughout the remainder of the weekend into next week. guys, we're looking pretty good. right now, i'll send it back to you. >> like a yo-yo. a great job keeping up with it. >> looking beautiful. i'll take that yo-yo any day. >> thanks for being with us. join us at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 for the very latest on the terror in boston. enjoy your day.
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